Romani (Gypsy)

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"There are some 15 million [Romani] dispersed across the world. Their history is one of suffering and misery, but it is also one of the victories of human spirit over the blows of fate. Today the [Roma] revive their culture and are looking for their identity. On the other hand, they integrate into the societies in which they live. If they are understood by their fellow citizens in their new homelands, their culture will enrich the society's atmosphere with the color and charm of spontaneity."
        -Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Ghandi

Although the Romani people are often referred to as "Gypsies"
(and prefer to be called by their more proper designation, Roma),
 not all "gypsies" or nomadic peoples are Roma. The Roma are descendants of the ancient warrior classes of Northern India, particularly the Punjab, and they are identifiable by their language, religion, and customs, which can be directly linked to those of the Punjabi in northern India.

If any one single aspect of their history has been dominant, it must, unfortunately, be that of their persecution, forced assimilation, enslavement, and yes, even genocide carried out against them by the Nazi's. The recorded, discernable history of "anti-gypsyism" goes back to their first appearance in Europe in the 1400's where they were at times welcomed, but far more often confused with muslim invaders from the east in such times.

This is the first edition of my
Romani Chimes, as such, 50% of the profit from these chimes will go to missions in Romania to teach the Ronami children there the Word of God and the Love of Christ.