Sunday, October 31

Wednesday, October 20

Menu Done !

Got the menu down !

Let me know if there are any problems with it !

(A big note to IE6 users: The menu doesn't work for y'all, sorry :( [it won't even respect the white part of my logo, as being transparent, how rude -o -; ], however; you will be running into more and more compatibility problems with web. Get a more up to date browser without having to change IE6 ! )

For now just use the Site Map to the right...

Tuesday, October 19

Working on a menu

if you see a messed up menu below the main menu, don't worry.
I'm trying a new code out !

Sunday, October 17

Swapped from Flash embed to HTML5 embed

Sup ? I've just finished switching my videos over to the HTML5 embed method, what this means, without going into to much detail, is that the videos will be visible to mobile devices more easily.

If your browser does not support HTML5, GET FIREFOX !

Seriously though, the embed tag will auto-detect your situation and display Flash or HTML5 as needed. !

L8r !


Saturday, October 16

New site !

Hey Everybody !,

Welcome to the new blog page for my wind chimes. I'm still getting used to the way you set it up, but I think that overall, the better organization will surpass the sacrifice in customization.

When I am confident that I have this blog functioning the way I want it to, I will reconfigure my registry to go here instead to the old site on zmichost. (no changes to bookmarks will be needed).